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carlo vettrini brescia

a 5 string bass, ascribed to  Carlo Vettrini Brescia , c´1750, string length 107cm, very noble sound.


marconcini , Luigi Aloisio

Ferrara 1791, pupil of Omobono Stradivarius,

pear shape bass, willow flat back, orignial condition, string length 102cm

JACQUET Joseph Xavier

4 string bass, original condition, Mircourt c`1840

south German 4-Stringer double bass

south German  4-Stringer double bass, around 1860, flat back string length: 105cm,

rich sound and good protection, good for auditions

vincenzo postiglione

a Vicenzo Postiglione double bass, c`1870, 4 strings, medium size, rounds back, good condition, noble sound

Seitz Michael, Mittenwald 1850

5 string, flat back, stinglength 112cm, dark powerfull orchestra bass

Thibouville-Lamy 5-string double bass

A double bass, 5 strings, good condition, string length 106cm.

Mircourt c´1870

Martin Diehl, Mainz, 1780

4 string , flat back, original condition, dark powerfull sound. stinglength 104cm.

Diehl worked with Hellmer in Prague before 1770

johann Diehl, Mainz 1830

4 strings, yellow varnish, flat back, very good solobass and chamber music, string length 104cm.

Neuner Hornsteiner 5 stinger

a very good 5 string bass from Neuner Hornsteiner , Miitenwald c`1860, stinglength 110cm


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5 string small, bohemian double bass

ca. 1790
String length 101cm. Newly restored. A very rare instrument!!

good for baroque playing,

pearwood fingerboard and tailpice, gut strings





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A new German Bass

string length: 104 cm

Domenico  Busan, venice 1750,  model

A Saxony bass, 1870

String length: 106 cm


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bass bows include:
Alberrt Nürnberger

Josef Pfretschner
H.R Pfretzschner
H.A Stöhr
Reinhard Ulrich
Otto Dölling
Kurt Dölling

August Rau

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Contemporary Bows

Bass bows German above €2.000:
Jan Strumphler
Gerhard Penzel, Ostrach
Thomas Acker, Erlangen
Seifert, Bubenreuth

Bass bows German under €2.000:
Augagneur & Bergeron, Lyon
W. Seifert

Bass bows German under €1.000:
Carbon Fibre Bow

Bass bows French under €1.000:
Carbon Fibre Bow
ALG Carbon Fibre bow

Cello Bows under €1.000:
Carbon Fibre ALG

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